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Cash is King

In this article Barry Wilkinson explains why improving cash flow is crucial to Personal Injury firms. To view the full article click here

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Open Season

In the Publication "Managing for Success" Barry Wilkinson discusses the changes that deregulation has had on the legal market forever and the lessons to be learnt from other deregulated markets, and how law firms can apply those lessons to make sure …

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Moving the Goal Posts

The aim of recent regulatory change was to protect consumers, encourage competition and introduce flexibility into compliance. Paul Widdup, in conversation with Barry Wilkinson in Managing for Success, considers whether it has achieved that goal and the impact of the changes on …

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Strategy and the Role of the Finance Director

In a recent piece of research, the McKinsey Quarterly considered the role of the CFO in the top 100 global companies by market capitalisation, and came up with four profiles of top-flight finance professionals. Of course, UK law firms operate …

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Ask the Expert - Law Management Section Interview

Barry Wilkinson and other members of the Law Management Section executive committee give their advice and predictions on some of the key challenges facing law firm managers in the current environment. Download Ask the Expert - Law Management Section Interview as a pdf …

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Poetry & Performance Management: Implementing Strategy

Nicola Jones of Athena Legal discusses strategies for managing performance. Download Poetry and Performance Management: Ways of Implementing Strategy as a pdf document. “No man is an island, entire of itself.” John Donne, Meditation XVII Perhaps it is apt that Donne is meditating on …

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