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Is the Time Right to Incorporate?

David Gibbens of Poole Waterfield discusses the implications of the decision to incorporate. Download Is the Time Right to Incorporate? as a pdf document. For many law firms, just as for businesses in any industry, deciding on the right business structure can …

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COFA and COLP - The Need for Compliance

Richard Lane at Legal Finance Professionals explains the SRA's new COFA and COLP regulations. Download COFA and COLP - The Need for Compliance as a pdf document. The SRA Authorisation Rules 2011, which forms part of the SRA Handbook, imposes a requirement on …

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Strategic Planning for Law Firms

Steven Treharne, Managing Partner of Mogers Solicitors LLP, gives his take on law firm strategy planning.  Download Strategic Planning for Law Firms as a pdf. Accepting an Unknown Future   The first hurdle to overcome is to accept that lawyers sometimes find it difficult …

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Re-shaping Your Firm and How to Pay for It

Chris Marston, Head of professional Practices at Lloyds TSB Commercial, takes a look at how solicitors firms can compete against external capital. Download Re-shaping Your Firm – and How to Pay for It as a pdf. The SRA is now at last …

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Beyond ABS: Managing Partner Article

The market for legal services is undergoing a unique period of change and many commentators have been predicting consolidation, the entry of low-cost competitors and changes in ownership structures. We wanted to get the perspectives of those on the front …

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The Three Forces and Profitable Partnerships

Every lawyer knows that, come October 6th 2011, the legal market will be subject to deregulation and the introduction of ABS. Many even recognise that this is likely to impact on their business. However, 80% of partners in law firms …

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